Technology, as a general concept, has considerably affected the way of life from the farthest points in ancient times to the ones in the contemporary era, and even to those in modern world. Simply speaking, people, life, and the mutual interactions between them have always been the main focus of the technology all across history. Despite being not comparable with technologies belonging to; for example, around eight centuries ago, today’s technology is, in fact, an optimization of what people were using decades ago. Isn’t it? Definitely yes! And the point here is that the same idea can be generalized into a remote future time of long, long distance.

Technology, as a whole term, covers a wide spectrum of activities from a car making industry to the one now operating in curing an abnormality with human body. And our story here in Develop Persian can simply be traced in everything and everywhere that technology – this time with a limited and independent definition – plays a key role in forming a new life structure for people who live online.

Develop Persian, as a leading Iranian technology provider company, offers a clear translation of a wide range of world class solutions in service areas of iOS, Android, Back-end, Front-end, and IOT. It, furthermore, empowers brands, startup companies, and enterprises with domestic, regional, and international origins to meet their own preplanned online goals and objectives through applying cutting edge, knowledge-based solutions to re-define their online presence and performance.

In its strongest term, Develop Persian believes that with right IT technologies and teams in place, business actions of an enterprise in mobile apps, web pages, and even in those with origins in emerging technologies will be something with clear stance. With such a spirit in place, the business presence and performance of companies, even those in the most remote areas of a country, will be turned to a tools that practically leads the brands, startups, and enterprises to meet the most positive business results they dream for.